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Dispatch 11.8
July/August 2012
Initiatives + Earthwatchers + TIGed this Fall

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    Art Contest Winners

TakingITGlobal is proud to announce and happy to share with you the jury-selected, top 26 winners of the Defining Moments: Discovering Our Canadian Stories Art Contest! The 26 winners will have their artwork included in the Travelling Exhibit that will appear in locations across Canada as well as at Winterlude 2013. Our top 13 will then get to travel to Ottawa's Winterlude, provided in part by the National Capital Commission, for 3 nights and 4 days. They will also receive digital cameras to document their incredible stay! To showcase the winning collection at your venue or to screen the Defining Moments video that includes interviews with some of our winning artists please contact; we would love to hear from you! A big thank you to everyone who helped contribute their work to Defining Moments, and congratulations to the top 26!

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    Summer TIG Stars!

TakingITGlobal is very grateful to have such hardworking and dedicated online volunteers, and we truly appreciate all the work that they have done! We like to take the time to recognize online volunteers who exceed expectations and show initiative to improve the Online Community for all TIG members. Our 3 TIG Stars for July are Jessica Zou of the Panorama team, Nohline Akinyi of the Global Issue - Peace & Conflict team, and Cengiz Cemaloglu of the Multilingual - Turkish team. Our TIG Stars discuss how they got involved with TakingITGlobal and what motivates them today.

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    August Panorama

The August issue of Panorama is out with the theme of War and Peace. This month we explore what the role of young people is in promoting peace around the world. Through poetry, essays and other forms of writing, our members consider their memories and experiences surrounding conflict. From intimate testimonials to aspirational prose, the contributors thoughtfully engage the weighted topic from numerous angles. Read the August issue here.

Do you have an idea? An idea that you know could make a positive change for the community you live in, or even beyond your borders? Now you can get a powerful online space for your idea with Initiatives!

TakingITGlobal is excited to announce our newest Action Tool, Initiatives: a platform for sharing and building your project, campaign, coalition, or taskforce with other like-minded youth around the world! Your Initiative can benefit from the large membership and powerful platform of TIG, while maintaining your own customized space. You can pick from multiple domain names and several design templates, plus import content from your social networks with just a few clicks. So if you've got an idea that you want to share with the world, visit Initiatives today and get started!

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Have you ever felt helpless in the face of large scale environmental problems? Something a world away simply feels too big and beyond your abilities to make a difference? DeforestACTION has launched EarthWatchers, a satellite monitoring tool that allows you to track illegal deforestation from your own home! You will monitor regions in Indonesian Borneo and alert relevant authorities, who will then use your monitoring contributions to take action and investigate. Your assigned area will update its radar satellite imaging, allowing you to compare changes from previous imaging. By collaborating within the EarthWatchers platform with those monitoring neighbouring parcels of land, you can help determine whether or not the disturbances you may see are a result of illegal deforestation. Sign up to be an EarthWatcher today!

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TIGed Professional Development

TIGed is excited to be offering their accredited professional development e-courses for educators this fall! If you're interested in exploring ways to introduce your students to global issues through the use of technology, then take a look at our upcoming e-courses for fast approaching offerings. Our e-courses centre around our three program pillars of global citizenship, student voice, and environmental stewardship, and provide practical ways for educators to bring global education practices into their classroom. Each e-course runs for five weeks, and is led by experienced educators: Jennifer Klein (Project-based Learning for Global Citizenship), Deanna Del Vecchio (Education for Environmental Stewardship), and Mandeep Atwal (Empowering Student Voice in Education). Registration is open, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

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Global Encounters: Fall Events

This coming school year, Global Encounters will have a number of video conferences for classrooms to participate in! This exciting program, that is offered by TIGed in collaboration with The Centre for Global Education, facilitates classroom conversations on global issues through live video conferences between student peers from around the world and international experts. Classes are first introduced to the topic of the video conference through curriculum housed in a TakingITGlobal virtual classroom before the experience culminates in a live international video conference in which students contribute their thoughts and questions to our keynote speakers and attendees around the world.

We kick off our Global Encounters with our October 9th event “International Day of the Girl Child Conference”, addressing both local and worldwide challenges facing girls. Visit our site for a full schedule of fall events available to your classroom, and to register today!

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Your interest, support and involvement with TakingITGlobal helps our community grow and encourages more young people to become inspired, informed and involved everyday! By being a member of TakingITGlobal, you are part of a community that is over 410,000 strong coming from over 250 countries and territories. Thank you for having a vision of positive change. Your work makes a difference!

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