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Home / Community / Newsletters / Plain-Text Dispatch / 4.8 - Refugees, electricities, and TIG in Russia!
TakingITGlobal Proudly Presents:
The TakingITGlobal Dispatch!
For the month of August 2004 (Volume 4.8)
In this Issue:
1 -> Welcome to the Dispatch
2 -> Monthly Theme: Refugees
3 -> TIG Magazine: electricities
4 -> Call for Translators: Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and more!
5 -> Run an Open Forum in Your Community
6 -> TIG in Russia
7 -> Panorama: Real People, Real Experiences
8 -> Global Gallery Contest: "Homes"
9 -> Global Gallery Contest Winners: "Street Life" 
10 -> Featured Country Sites: Kenya and Vietnam
11 -> Wrap Up
++ 1. Welcome to the Dispatch ++
Welcome to TakingITGlobal's Dispatch for the month of August! In this
issue, we introduce the monthly theme on "Refugees," as well as the official
launch of TIG's new print publication, TIG Magazine.  There is also information
about ways to get involved with translating the TIG site into one of the world's
many languages, so read on!
In Friendship,
The TakingITGlobal Team
++ 2. Monthly Theme: Refugees ++
"Mine is an old, familiar story by now. So many people have been
displaced in this century, their numbers so large, their collective and
individual destinies so varied... What happened to me fifty years ago is
happening to someone else today."
- Charles Simic
There are an estimated 11.9 million refugees and over 23.6 million
internally displaced persons in the world. Having fled their homes due to
persecution, conflict, violence, or any number of other factors, the refugee
crisis is widespread. This month, TakingITGlobal focuses on key issues that
refugees face and major refugee situations. In addition, TakingITGlobal members
share their personal stories, giving this "old, familiar story" a new face.
Visit the theme page: http://www.takingitglobal.org/themes/refugees
++ 3. TIG Magazine: electricities ++
Welcome to Issue 0 of TIG Magazine. TIG Magazine is about making form
from shapeless emotion. TIG Magazine is about the convergence of the power
of images and the strength of words. TIG Magazine is a journey not a destination.
TIG Magazine is made by different people from different places. TIG Magazine
is the experience and story of these different people. TIG Magazine is a real,
living space. If you touch it you can feel it pulse.
electricities, an issue of TIG Magazine, is a compendium of the best in
artwork and creative writing from TakingITGlobal’s online community initiatives,
the Global Gallery and Panorama Online Publication.  All the artwork, writing,
design, and thought in this creation have been conceived by young people.
Through this creative magazine and the year-long multimedia program Intersections,
we hope to be an incubator for fine, fresh, young talent worldwide.
electricities is a city we dreamt. A timeless dream that reveals all dreams.
Freezing the collisions. Time put on pause giving the time to observe the dream.
A pleasant nightmare.  electricities is a creative magazine.
To order or download a copy and for more information, visit
++ 4. Call for Translators: Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and more!
After Phase I of TIG's Multilingual Program in French and Spanish,
we are expanding our multilingual capacity to become more relevant to
local youth who do not speak English. Teams of e-translators have formed
for French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Bangla,
and TIG is looking for volunteers in these languages, especially Chinese, Arabic,
Spanish and Portuguese. After the launch of TakingITGlobal in French and Spanish,
we are involved in the ongoing translation of the Monthly Themes and TIG Dispatch.
Our next goal is to launch TIG in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian! Given that,
Arabic and Chinese are spoken in more than 40 countries, these versions of TIG
will allow Arabic- and Chinese-speaking youth living in different parts of the
world to connect. The translation of the TIG website into Arabic and Chinese is
part of TIG's new, larger initiative in the region of the Middle East and East
If you are fluent in Arabic and English and would like to join our team of
e-translators, please contact Eman Ebed, TIG's Middle East Regional Coordinator,
at eman@takingitglobal.org
If you are fluent in Chinese and English and would like to join our team
of e-translators, please contact Tina Lee, TIG's East Asia Regional Coordinator,
at tina@takingitglobal.org
If you are fluent in English and either Spanish or Portuguese and would like
to join our team of e-translators, please contact us at multilingual@takingitglobal.org.
If you are interested in translating into your own local languages, we
encourage you to download our "Ten Steps to a Multilingual TakingITGlobal.org"
Guide at http://translate.takingitglobal.org and apply to become a translator
or language coordinator. So get involved and help make TIG the most multilingual
site on the Internet! If you have any general questions or require further
information, please e-mail us at multilingual@takingitglobal.org
++ 5. Run an Open Forum in Your Community ++
Be the one to create a space in your community where young people can
come together to share their thoughts and perspectives about an issue that
is affecting young people in your area.  Open Forums bring together young
people in an offline platform to discuss their ideas of how they can create
solutions together for the issues they are facing.  Open Forums can help
develop a sense of solidarity among the young people in your community as
develop alternative ways to combat these problems.  To learn more about
running an Open Forum in your community, check out:
The Guide to Facilitating an Open Forum:
To submit your proposal online, go to:
++ 6. TIG in Russia ++
In August, Russia will become the first country in which TIG's new
Creating Local Connections program is implemented.  The project aims to
develop a national-level online community within the TakingITGlobal network.
Look forward to a series of workshops for Russian youth that will focus on
leadership, capacity-building, media, and technology, among other initiatives.
If you would like to help us promote the project in Russia and to reach the
large numbers of Russian youth, send your ideas and suggestions to
TIG's global team of Russian e-translators is currently working on the
translation of TIG's site into Russian.  The launch of the Russian version of
TIG site is scheduled for October 2004 in Moscow.  If you are fluent in English
and Russian and would like to join us in translating the site, please email
Svitlana Taraban, Regional Coordinator for Russia and Eastern Europe at
To develop a vibrant and engaging version of TIG in Russian, we are also
soliciting contributions from young journalists, writers, poets, and artists
whose work relates to Russia.  Your written submissions should be in English
or Russian. Send your submissions to russia@takingitglobal.org
++ 7. Panorama Online Publication: Real People, Real Experiences ++
Behind the endless parade of statistics and staggeringly large numbers,
the global refugee crisis has a face, a mouth, eyes, hands. Beyond the bureaucracy
of borders and the legitimacy of passports, there is the story of the families,
of the friends, of the lovers and the loved ones. These stories are crucial,
and they are here. Gathered in this issue are personal stories from TIG members from,
among other countries, Serbia and Montenegro, Kenya, and Palestine who share the
common experience of being a refugee. Members who still long, as Charles Mwangi
Munyua writes, "to go and see the land of my birth. I still long to go and see
the land I spent the first seven years of my life. I still long to spend the
evening with Kipchumba, my best friend whom I haven’t heard from for the last
12 years. But above all, I long to know the truth, to know how and why it all
happened. Only then can the wounds truly begin to heal."
Read more, and contribute your opinions, at http://panorama.takingitglobal.org
++ 8. Global Gallery Contest: "Homes" ++
Millions of people today live under the recognized status of "Refugee."
For some reason millions of people without a home. Millions of people that
leave home, home being a war-torn land. Millions of people whose home has been
stolen. Millions of people whose land no longer exists. Millions of people who
dream a better condition, a real dream, a concrete need, one opportunity.
Millions of people that wonder in search of a new place to call home. Some are
born wondering, others will die as they wonder. Some will find as they wonder.
For a refugee a home can be all this, yet means far more than all this. For each
of us a home is always more than a space, a territory, a flag, a passport, or a
nation. What is a Home? Where is your Home?
++ 9. Global Gallery Contest Winners: "Street Life" ++
Last month's Global Gallery contest was entitled "Street Life".
Here are the winners:
"Urban Communication" by Allison from the United States
"Ciudad del Caos" by Kouji from Peru
"David and Goliath" by Rana from Palestine
"Deep City" by Rubens from Albania
Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who
Check out this month's contest at http://gallery.takingitglobal.org
++ 10. Featured Country Sites: Kenya and Vietnam ++
During the month of August, as the TIG community hears the stories of
young people who have been affected by refugee crises in their countries and
learns about the harsh circumstances that refugees face from strife that has
disrupted their lives, the TIG country sites to be featured will be Kenya
and Vietnam.
To learn more about these countries and accounts from young people about
how conflicts have caused refugee crises check out:
Kenya: http://kenya.takingitglobal.org
Vietnam: http://vietnam.takingitglobal.org
++ 11. Wrap Up ++
Your interest, support and involvement with TakingITGlobal helps our
community to grow and encourage more young people to become inspired,
informed and involved everyday! Thank you for being a member with the
vision of positive change!
In friendship,
The TakingITGlobal Team
The TakingITGlobal Dispatch is the official newsletter of TakingITGlobal,
electronically published via email, and compiled from various events and news
from within the TakingITGlobal network. Contributions should be sent to
dispatch@takingitglobal.org. Please include your full name, age, and your
member name.
Past issues of the Dispatch can be read in the dispatch archive, found at