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Projects are designed to provide members and organizations with tools and features to highlight their initiatives, objectives, challenges and progress within a unique online space.

Groups are a simple and free way for groups of people to communicate and collaborate around projects and shared interests. Groups provide the key tools needed to connect and sustain the activities of a team project, an active discussion group, or a network of people.

Start a Group  Start a Group
Groups are simple to use, free of cost, free of advertising, and low on bandwidth. Group features include:
  • A free e-mail list, allowing for easy distribution of messages to multiple recipients.
  • Moderation options, enabling messages to be approved before wide distribution.
  • A web-based archive of past messages, message attachments, and other documents.
  • The ability to import the members from your existing Yahoo! Group.

Groups Statistics Total Groups: 5691
Members Using Groups: 35665

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Ce groupe est ouvert à tous les participants à nos webinaires organisés par Liaisons Locales Canada, un programme de TakingITGlobal.‎