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Plan & Get Moving

By now you have identified issues of concern, you've learned more about the issues, and have recognized your skills and those of your team. You have also learned about the importance of networking and connecting with those who can help you to achieve your goals. You are ready to develop and implement an action plan.

Keeping in mind the issue you identified, what goal will you work towards in your action plan? Here are some possible examples:

• Representation of children and youth in decision-making processes
• Feeling of responsibility for future generations
• Knowledge of civil society
• Heath of a community
• Awareness about the environment
• Demand for fair trade products
• Employment capacity among youth (especially vulnerable young people)
• Literacy rates (reading, computer literacy, etc)
• Respect between youth and adults (intergenerational dialogue)
• Hope for country

• Number of people who smoke
• Number of HIV/AIDS affected people
• Cultural barriers, stereotypes and intolerance
• Poverty level
• Homelessness

Write your goal here


Now it's time to plan. How can you best use your skills and abilities? There are lots of ways to make a difference. You can work with others or alone. You can join an initiative or start one of your own.

Brainstorm 5 possible actions related to the issue you have identified:

1. ____________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________________________________

Circle the ideas you would be willing to implement now, and draw a star beside the ones you want to work on as part of your action plan!