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Develop Your Personal Action Plan

Everyday we make decisions that have an impact. How we treat other people, what we buy and the resources we use all have an effect. It is essential to set goals and always work toward them in order to ensure your impact is a positive one.

Every great action begins with a single step. As you begin your action planning, the best place to start is with yourself and personal actions that you can take.

Possible actions:

• reduce your energy consumption
• join a socially beneficial organization
• speak up when someone tells a racist joke
• wear a positive message on your t-shirt
• take part in organized peace marches and protests
• buy fair trade certified products
• create a website for charity
• run for student council
• give your opinion on a radio “call in” show
• educate your friends and get others interested
• participate in the discussion boards on TIG
• write an article for TakingITGlobal's e-journal Panorama

Fill out the chart below.

If your issue was environment your goal could be to reduce your energy use and your chart might look similar to this:

Steps toward
achieving your goal
What help is needed?
Possible obstacles
How you will know you are successful?
Shut off the lights when I leave the room Ask for reminders from family and friends Forgetfulness and laziness Money savings on the monthly electricity bill
Use more energy efficient light bulbs Buying new light bulbs Cost of new bulbs Needing to buy less new bulbs in the future, lower energy costs



Now that you have identified possible obstacles, how might you overcome them?



Checkout the Projects listed on TakingITGlobal for examples of projects: http://projects.tigweb.org

Helpful Hints:

• Have a check-in buddy to bounce ideas off of
• Set weekly and monthly goals
• Reward yourself for achieving your goals
• Network and connect with those with similar interests
• Be sure your objectives are realistic and measurable
• Don't give up!