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Identify Your Passions

Thinking back to your reflections on the things you would like to change or improve in the world, what stands out as most important to you? What issues are you passionate about? What would motivate you to act?

Take a moment to create a list of issues that are important to you. It is important to identify the issues that interest you most because they will help to guide your approach to change.

It could look something like this:

climate change
culture & identity
youth violence
substance abuse
peace building
educational technology
women's rights

Now create a list of your own:


Brainstorm! What else interests or concerns you?

Health & Wellness
Diet & Nutrition
Fitness and Sport
Substance Abuse

Environment & Urbanization
Climate Change
Consumerism & Pollution
Natural Disasters
Water, Oil & Energy
Sustainable Development
Animal Rights

Arts & Media
Independent Media & Mass Media
Intellectual Property
Freedom of Expression & Censorship
Advertising & Marketing Culture
Writing & Publishing

Peace, Conflict & Governance
Peace building
Justice & Punishment
Youth Violence
Arms Control
War Children
Good Governance
Crimes against humanity & terrorism

Learning & Education
Standards-based Education
“Alternative Schools” & Learning
Informal/Experiential Learning
Educational Technology

Work & Economics
Multinational Corporations & CSR
International Aid & Debt Relief
Fair Trade
Labour Rights
Economic Migration & Migrant Workers
Slavery & Human Trafficking
Agriculture & Food Security
Youth Unemployment & Entrepreneurship

Technology & Innovation
Digital Divide
Mobile Communications
Online Safety & Security
Internet Governance
Universal Design
Free and Open Source Software

Culture & Identity
Ethnicity & Race
Women & Gender
Citizenship & Belonging
Languages (and oral histories)
Political Thought
Religion & Spirituality

Human Rights & Equity
Women's Rights
LGBT Rights
Children's Rights
Disability Rights
Economic and Social Rights
Indigenous Peoples Rights
Refugee Rights Rights of Ethnic,
Religious & Linguistic Minorities
Civil Liberties
Detention & Torture


Learn more about different issues affecting our world. Visit TakingITGlobal's Understanding the Issues http://understanding.tigweb.org/