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Get Informed

Develop your knowledge and expertise by getting informed about the issues that concern you. This will allow you to be more effective and have a greater impact as you carry out the changes you want to see take place. Based on the issues you have just identified...

Ask yourself

What more can I learn about the issues that concern me?

Develop a set of questions that you want to answer. Here's some you might want to use

  • What makes this issue unique and important to address?
  • Who is most affected by the issue and why?
  • How does this issue differ locally, nationally, regionally and globally?
  • What different approaches have been taken to understand and tackle the issue?
  • What groups are currently working on addressing the issue? (consider different sectors such as government, corporations, non-profit organizations, youth groups, United Nations agencies, etc.)

List other questions here:


Find three websites related to issues you want to learn more about.
List them here:


How can I access more information?

  • school or local library – check out books, magazines, films, and more
  • surf the Internet – visit websites of interesting organizations, government sites, on-line newspapers and magazines. Be sure to evaluate the accuracy of the information you find on the Internet.
  • Family, friends and teachers – there is no harm in asking. You may be surprised by what they know.

Who would you contact?

One way to get information is to call an expert or an organization to find out what you need to know. We will talk more about networking in the Get Connected section of the guide.


Looking for a group that does work in your area of interest?
Try: http://organizations.tigweb.org and search by category.
check out our events calender at https://www.tigweb.org//resources/events/