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Create a Group Project Plan

Hopefully, you now feel ready to develop a community action project!

Project Mission:
Going back to the issues that you have identified earlier, clarify what you want your project to achieve.

Project Activities:
What action can you take to work towards achieving the mission of your project?

Break it down
You know your mission. Now, use the chart below to break your project down into specific activities. Completing these activities will ensure your project is a success. If your goal is to promote energy conservation, your chart might look similar to this example:

Create posters about energy conservation Art supplies/materials (paper, paint, markers) Kareem: write content for posters
Jessica & Kaleb: design and paint
Michael: photocopy and post
May 1, 2004


Completing this chart will help you in identifying your next steps. As you work towards implementing your project activities, go back to the various sections of this guide to support you in moving along.

Raise Awareness
It can also be helpful to get publicity and let people know about your project! Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools. Be enthusiastic! Let others know how and why they should get involved! One way to promote your project is to add it to TakingITGlobal: http://projects.tigweb.org

Create Project Materials
As you begin to explain your project plans and ideas to people, you may find that people ask for further information. It is always useful to create 1-page description of your project. You may also feel the need to create a more in-depth Project Proposal. Typically, a project proposal will include sections such as:

• Background (highlight the needs being addressed)
• Mission and Objectives (what you want to achieve)
• Activities (how you will achieve your goals)
• People Involved (include a short description of you and your team members)
• Partners (you can add to this list as you find organizations willing to help)
• Timeline (mention key milestones)
• Budget/Resources (what you need in order to carry out your activities)
• Evaluation (how you will measure the success of your project)

If you choose to develop a project proposal, it can be shared with potential supporters of the project.