TakingITGlobal is extremely thankful to those who have supported us through out the years. More than just supporters, the following organizations, companies and individuals have been allies and champions of TakingITGlobal's mission and values. Their support has helped TakingITGlobal reach thousands of youth around the world.

Key Supporters

As key supporters, the following organizations and companies have given essential support to a wide range of TakingITGlobal programming that would have been not possible without their generous donations.

In-kind Supporters

The following organizations and companies have generously donated their services to TakingITGlobal, from helping with marketing to providing us with latest technology to enhance the TIG community!


TakingITGlobal would like to recognize the following individuals for their support.


  • Ajay Kamalakaran
  • Chantelle Ennis-Charoo
  • Habeeb Ibrahim
  • Mekhala Chaubal
  • R. Howard Webster Foundation
  • Sessi Hounhanrin
  • Alix & James Arnett
  • Fiona McKenzie
  • Ishrat Trishna
  • Melissa Leigh Snowden
  • Ron Mitchell
  • The McLean Foundation
  • Amina Yasin
  • Francis Anyaegbu
  • Mackinnon Family Charitable Fund
  • Muneeb Syed
  • Samantha Hodder
  • The Pace Family Foundation
  • Benjamin Quinto
  • Greg and Susan Guichon
  • Mai El Gabry
  • Peter and Catherine Clark Family Foundation
  • Samie Durnford
  • Willa Black and Don Jarvis


  • Chantel Levron
  • Lanny Degner
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Mobeen Mubashar
  • Henrietta Lauderdale
  • Nevada Maillet
  • Jamaal Whitner


  • Anja Laine
  • Jimmy Minard
  • Bonita Henricks
  • Phoebe Lusk
  • Emely Racey
  • Rogelio Hoggatt
  • Garland Mendelson
  • Sherwood Brazeau