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TIG Magazine
Issue 6:
Defining Moments: Defining our Canadian Stories

Issue 5:
Perspectives: Youth Insights on Global Issues

Issue 4:
Global Youth Culture: The Voices of Youth

Issue 3:
Culture, Identity and Climate Change

Issue 2:
As One

Issue 1:
Language as Violence, Violence as Language

Issue 0:

Issue 0: 'electricities'

TIG Magazine Issue 0

Welcome to Issue 0 of TIG Magazine. TIG Magazine is about making form from shapeless emotion. TIG Magazine is about the convergence of the power of images and the strength of words. TIG Magazine is a journey not a destination. TIG Magazine is made by different people from different places. TIG Magazine is the experience and story of these different people. TIG Magazine is a real, living space. If you touch it you can feel it pulse.

electricities, an issue of TIG Magazine, is a compendium of the best in artwork and creative writing from TakingITGlobal's online community initiatives, the Global Gallery and Panorama Online Publication. All the artwork, writing, design, and thought in this creation have been conceived by young people. Through this creative magazine and the year-long multimedia program Intersections, we hope to be an incubator for fine, fresh, young talent worldwide.

electricities is a city we dreamt. A timeless dream that reveals all dreams. Freezing the collisions. Time put on pause giving the time to observe the dream. A pleasant nightmare. electricities is a creative magazine.