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Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)

Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)
GKP has a vision of a world of equal opportunities where all people are able to have access to and use knowledge and information to improve their lives. Mission: We aim to promote broad access to - and effective use of - knowledge and information as tools of equitable sustainable development. We share information, experiences and resources to realise the potential of information and communication technologies to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people.

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Relajur -Red Latinoamericana de Juventudes Rurales

Relajur -Red Latinoamericana de Juventudes Rurales
RELAJUR es una red de personas y organizaciones, centrada en la sistematización y difusión de información de y sobre juventud rural. Se organiza a partir de sus propios servicios, los cuales centralmente están determinados por el flujo...