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Participating Countries:

South Africa

The Adobe Youth Voices Project, an initiative of TakingITGlobal with the support of Adobe, supports TakingITGlobal's mission of providing opportunities to youth for capacity-building, cultural exchange, and self-development through technology. more...

Youth in 10 countries - Argentina, Brazil, China, Canada, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Russia, South Africa, and Sweden - will participate in workshops focused on the themes of 'Climate Change' and 'Culture & Identity'. The aim of the workshops is to illustrate to youth how technology tools can be used to create a positive impact in their communities and around the world. Using digital imagery software the workshop participants will communicate their perspectives on two important topics - 'Climate Change' and 'Culture & Identity' - through the creation of digital images. The images created during the workshops will be entered into two digital art competitions run in TakingITGlobal's Global Gallery, and the images, as well as the experiences of the workshop participants, will be leveraged through TakingITGlobal's extensive network to foster cross-cultural dialogue, understanding and youth empowerment amongst youth at large.

Adobe Youth Voices is the Adobe Foundation's global philanthropic initiative that empowers youth from underserved communities worldwide to comment on their world using multimedia and digital tools to communicate and share their ideas, demonstrate their potential, and take action in their communities. By harnessing the energy and insight of youth and enabling them to express themselves, their opinions, and aspirations, Adobe Youth Voices aims to inspire a dialogue for change in their communities.

Winners have been chosen by the TakingITGlobal Community! These two contests - Climate Change and Culture & Identity - were open to all TakingITGlobal members, and the submissions were also voted on by our community. Check on the winners by visiting the collections below!