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TakingITGlobal wants to recognize the changes you are making in the world! By collecting badges, you identify your achievements and display your sucesses right on your TIG profile. You can earn badges at your own pace, or race to compete by issuing challenges to your friends.

Show others the accomplishments you have made both online and beyond; Check My TIG for more information and to get started on your quest for badge glory!

Badge Statistics

  • A total of 12,332 badges earned by TakingITGlobal Members

100 Most Recent Badges Earned


How do I earn a badge?

To earn a badge you must complete the required criteria. These are based upon:

Your Content: Regularly contributing great content to TakingITGlobal keeps the Online Community current and vibrant, and we want your contributions to be recognized! By blogging, chatting on the discussion boards and submitting to the global gallery, you are helping others to see the world in a new and inspired way.

Your Interaction: Interacting with others through sharing comments, experiences, opinions and ideas with your peers on TIG. This allows the TIG community to learn from one another and bridge the global digital divide!

Your Profile: The TIG profile is your public face to our online community. Sharing details about yourself allows others to learn about you, your culture and the things you are passionate about. This also helps others engage with the issues you care about and understand your perspective.

To see what is required to win a specific badge, click on a badge on the My Badges page.

How long do I keep the badges for?

Forever! Once you earn a badge, it is yours for life. You are welcome! The only exception to this rule is the Virtual Volunteer Badge, Multilingual Badge, and the Top 100 badge. Once you are no longer an Online Volunteer or Top 100 member (respectively), you will lose that badge.

I have filled the requirements to earn a badge, but it does not show up on my profile. What do I do?

First double check to ensure you have actually completed the necessary steps, then report a bug to User Voice

How do challenge badges work?

You can earn a special challenge badge by engaging in a friendly competition with one of your TIG friends. Whoever completes the requirements first will be awarded the challenge badge. To begin:

*Sign into TIG and find a Challenge badge you want to earn on the Badges page. Badges Page

*Select the friend you want to challenge by typing their name into the autofill box

*Once your friend is selected, click “Challenge”.

* An email will then be sent to your friends’ account asking them to confirm the challenge; when they do, the race to complete the challenge begins!

How do I challenge a friend to earn a badge?

On the My Badges page, click on a particular badge to view the individual badge page, then follow the “challenge your friend” link to send a challenge. The challenge will only begin when your friend accepts the challenge. Previous submissions do not count towards your Challenge Badge progress.

Can I challenge more than one friend at a time?

Yes, however the content for a specific challenge is only counted after your friend accepts the challenge. Content can be counted towards more than one challenge at once.

How long do challenges last?

Most challenge badges have a time limit of thirty days. If you no longer want to compete with your friend for this challenge badge, you can ask your friend’s permission to call it off. To do this:

* Go to the Badge Page and click on the My Challenges tab.

* Find the challenge you wish to cancel and click on the “+” button beside it.

* Click on the “Call off this challenge” button.

* Your Friend will then be sent an email to confirm the call off.

How many Challenge Badges can I compete for at once?

You can be involved in a maximum of ten challenges at once. After one of these ten challenges is either completed, called off, or expired, you can begin another challenge. You can be involved in up to three challenges for the same badge at one time.

Does content submitted towards Challenge badges count towards regular badges?


I have an idea for a new badge. Who should I tell?

Please share your ideas with us through UserVoice

I want to make a new TIG account. Can my badges carry over?

Unfortunately, we can not swap badges from one account to another. If you still wish to open a new account, you will have to begin collecting badges from the beginning.

What's New?

Badges are here! TakingITGlobal has begun recognizing the amazing contributions our members make to our global community by presenting them with the wall of badges on their profile page. Every badge is different, each one representing a unique set of actions that can be made on the TakingITGlobal website. You can even challenge your friends to see who can earn a badge the fastest! Simply click on a badge to find out what you need to do to earn it, and start making a difference!