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Our people

We are a group of movers and shakers. Individually, we bring our unique perspectives, creativity and talents to create a dynamic and diverse team. Together, we tirelessly persue our passion to expand meaningful opportunity and engagement for youth around the world.

Core Team

Our staff are as unique as they are hard-working. Through their passion and dedication, they are the heart of TakingITGlobal.

Jennifer Corriero Co-founder; Executive Director

Recognized by Forbes in 2013 as an Innovative Rising Star in Education, Healthcare and Environment, Jennifer Corriero has designed and delivered youth engagement programs since 1999 when she co-founded TakingITGlobal. Jennifer earned her BA and Masters in Environmental Studies from York University and was appointed as Adjunct Professor by the Faculty of Health.

Michael Furdyk Co-founder; Director of Technology

Michael has appeared on Oprah, presented at TED, and was named one of Teen People's "Twenty Teens that will Change the World". Over the last decade, he has keynoted over 100 events, sharing his technology expertise and passion for youth engagement and educational reform to audiences in over 30 countries.

Liam O'Doherty Community Partnerships Manager

Liam is a community organizer with a background in sociology, semiotics, improvisation and environmental issues. When he is not connecting and mobilizing youth with innovative solutions to global challenges, he enjoys riding bikes, swimming to music, cooking without recipes and drinking copious volumes of tea.

Kareen Matushek Adobe Youth Voices Project Coordinator

Originally from South Africa, Kareen moved to Toronto in 2008 to study History, Religion and Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. Having studied abroad and traveled extensively, she is an avid believer that cross-cultural awareness and access to education are vital in encouraging global youth to become active seekers of positive change.

Ryan MacLean Senior Project Manager, Social Innovation Programs

As Senior Project Manager of Social Innovation Programs, Ryan is working on partnerships to cultivate a global community for thousands of young people to develop their projects for social innovation. Ryan holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in International Relations and Political Science, a graduate degree from Carleton University in Political Economy, and courses at the CMC.

Abra Rissi Explore150 Project Coordinator

Abra is all about communications. She has lived in Geneva, Paris, and Vancouver, and is always looking for an opportunity to travel! She's worked in a number of fields and has a degree in International Relations—with interests in cross-cultural awareness, public policy and social entrepreneurship—now turning her focus to non-profit project management.

Tania Rashid Global Education Program Administrator

Tania’s passion for international development and youth advocacy led her to TIG, where she supports educators in inspiring others to become global citizens. She completed a BA at York University in International Development Studies and Health Studies. Currently, she is completing a post-graduate certificate in Non-profit and Volunteer Sector Management at Ryerson University.

Navneet Hundal TIGed Development Research

“Education open doors” with that belief I am all about inspiring change through education. I am in the process of completing my BEd and heading towards Masters in Education. I came to TIG with an interest in integration of technology in education to give young minds a medium to express themselves. I have a passion for global education and empowering youth to create change in their community.

Jesse Vuksanovich Cross-Canada Mental Health Project Coordinator

If you asked Jesse what he liked best about living in the Arctic, he’d say, “Running, no driving on the Arctic Ocean.” After four years of teaching up north, it’s hard to pick just one thing. When not traipsing across the country, Jesse can be found at home with his wife, dog, and two cats.

Sara Hassan TIGed Program Officer

Sara Hassan has a BA from York University in International Development Studies and an MA from McMaster University in Globalization Studies with a research focus on global citizenship education. Prior to joining TakingITGlobal, Sara worked with community development projects in Guyana, Honduras and Tanzania.

Jennifer Gawor Sprout E-Course Educational Assistant

Originally trained as an Urban Planner, Jen’s passion for empowering youth in higher-level decision-making has led her to design and facilitate activities for young people to gain influence in their communities. When not at TIG, Jen can be found writing for various online blogs, reading about human viruses, entertaining friends, and working on super-awesome art projects.

Haifa Alarasi Educator Engagement Coordinator

Having lived between 7 countries in 4 different continents, Haifa has developed a sense of place in numerous cities along with a sense of understanding and appreciation of different cultures. A Hybrid-Thinker, she uses her education and experience in the fields of architecture, design, planning and technology to support the process and strategies of youth engagement.

Jeff Clemens Web Developer

Jeff borrowed "How to Program in QBasic" from his primary school library and has been coding ever since. With degrees in Education and Computer Science, he spends his free time imagining how young people and technology can work together to address community challenges.

Edgar González Rodríguez Graphic Designer

Originally from Mexico City, Edgar arrived to Canada in 2009 to study Graphic Design at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. Currently, he is one of the creative minds at TIG, working mostly on print and web design purposes as well as providing technical assistance.

Kana Takemura Web/Graphic Designer

Kana grew up in Japan and just made the move to Toronto in 2008. She loves the way TIG inspires youth to make the difference in the world. She helps TIG look good online and in print. When Kana is not in front of a computer, you can find her biking, eating... or somewhere in Toronto.

Silvia Olteanu Accountant

Silvia is TIG's accounting assistant. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. At TIG she is part of a team that is responsible for making sure that the flow of cost and revenue between the various projects is accurately accounted for and managed.

Susanna Lopresti Accountant

Susanna has a passion for numbers. Her tireless efforts keep the TIG team on track with their financials and reporting . She is a chartered professional accountant with many years of experience. In her spare time she loves to cook and spend quality time with her children.


We are extremely lucky to host an incredible team of volunteers who share their talents, time and enthusiasm to support our staff, programmes and projects. Volunteer cycles run three times yearly, in September, January, and May.

Hannah Rose Educational Youth Administrator
Karla Bonilla Online Community Coordinator
Noam Kaufman Online Community Management Assistant
Ricardo Sham Spanish Language & Engagement Coordinator
Fatimah Hasnain Mirza Global Issues Managing Coordinator
Ashley De Freitas Human Resources Assistant
Anna Seto Professional Development Assistant
Danya Kelati TIGed Resource Development Assistant
Kristen Marissa Nykanen TIGed Program Assistant
Alex Le Research Assistant
Andrew Wallace Sprout e-course Program Assistant
Eldina Pranjga Marketing and Promotions Assistant
Sabrina Mendes Marketing and Campaign Assistant
Jietao Tang Chinese Language & Engagement Coordinator
Cristian Rojas Web Developer
David Paredes Web Developer
Shane Ingles Interactive Media Developer

Online Volunteers

We are extremely grateful to our online volunteers, who give us both their time and talents to
make the TakingITGlobal community everything it can be.
Get to know our online volunteers!

Board of Directors


Ron Mitchell President
Matthew Pupic Treasurer
Eugene Bomba Senior Manager, PwC LLP
Virginia Mantycki Board Member
Ellen Ratchye-Foster Board Member

United States

Benjamin Quinto Founder, Global Youth Action Network
Joshua Gorman Writer